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Dr. Irene Caesar to Chair the Neural Engineering Session of BIT’s 1st World Congress of Biomedical Engineering

By Irene Caesar I have been invited to be a Chair of the NEURAL ENGINEERING Session of the BIT’s 1st WORLD COnGRESS OF BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING, Theme: Co-creating a New Future of Biomedicine, November 9-11, 2017, in Xi’an, China. I will deliver paper called “REMOTE BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING VIA MASTERING THE GEOMETRICAL OPTICS OF CHROMOSOMES”. List of Renowned […]

Cyber World War Via Global Artificial Intellect

By: Irene Caesar September 25, 2017 Part One: Hold on, Spain! Stay United and Strong! Does Russia support the independence of Catalonia, Scotland and Kurdistan? The answer is NO. The division of Spain into parts is the destruction of the indigenous people of Spain, consisting of several ethnic groups. This is the plan of the […]

Man is not canceled

The message to the editors of the “Russian Spring” about their publication “THE MAN IS CANCELED”: Http://rusvesna.su/future/1417528332 Russian, do not be fooled by the wiring of the Illuminati from Berdichev. Transhumanism is the strategy of the Wahhabis from capitalism to create biorobots. Purpose: global depopulation of the planet’s population, and replacing it with biorobots. And, the “owners” / […]

Laser Polarized Bioholography as a Diffraction of Geometric Optics with Chromosomes

Modern genetic engineering through the cutting and gluing of DNA fragments the (Monsanto method) will lead to a collapse of the human, animal and plant genome. of genetic collapse. The universe is holographic and we can record and transmit only holographic information based on the Geometric Optics of chromosomes. Irene Caesar, PhD.  September 5, 2017 […]