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Wave Genome set to release a new generation of Tesla PSI-Generators

     A FaceBook conversation Irene Caesar: My tech was checked by the vast TI community, and the data testifies that ULTIMATE MINI-TESLA indeed provides protection from psychotronic and genetic warfare. Read other testimonials on WaveGenome.com Irene Caesar: TESLA PSI-GENERATORS are produced by me in collaboration with the Institute for National Security in Moscow, certified and […]

Tesla selenium is the only organic and bivalent selenium in the world.

With it’s introduction, in September 2017, of Tesla Selenium Maxi and Tesla Selenium Pro, Wave Genome has become the only company to offer a nontoxic, organic and two-valent Selenium to the worldwide market. Selenium compounds are not the same When using selenium compounds, it is important to understand not only their organic nature but also the valence of the metalloid […]