Irene Caesar, President of Wave Genome LLC – Interview by John B Wells. Caravan to Midnight 11/24/17

Tesla Glasses

A Quantum Biocomputer that functions as brain massager to relieve stress; relieve eye strain and eye disease; improve sleep disorders, mood and efficiency; rejuvenate internal organs; prevent Cardiovascular disease; normalize blood pressure; enhance creative abilities.

The Whole Family can wear one pair.


Mini-Tesla PSI-Generators

Mini-Tesla PSI Generators can be individualized to a specific person or be generic allowing the whole family to use one.

The ultimate in combating psychotronic warfare. They can also provide you the Digital Pharmacy.


Agriculture on Bioresonance Generators and Lasers

Wave Genome’s information-wave based agricultural technologies can feed the world.  No pesticides, hormones or antibiotics. Tremendous good, not harm, to humans or the Biosphere.

Tesla Selenium

The only organic, bivalent Selenium in the world

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