Irene Caesar – Siva Cave, Gokarna, Indo-Stan. (No photoshop)

In this one video, Russian artist, entrepreneur and geopolitical analyst, Irene Caesar, presents a timeline of human history back to Antediluvian megalithic times, using as evidence the ancient Vedas, Runic, the Epic of Gilgamesh, the Old Testament/Tanakh, interpretation of egyptian writing and symbolism, pyramids, stone structures, megaliths,  settlements – Arkaim,  language devolution from Sanskrit – the mother language and etymology.

“The origin of civilization on this planet is literally the North Pole,” a place “where the special properties of the earth come together to create a teleportation portal to a another dimension. It is “the most precious location on this planet.” The North Pole  is the mythical Atlantis.

Prior to 20,000 BC, a high technology civilization of human giants existed before the Flood. It was a higher technology society than exists now. Their cities were the megalithic cities.

The civilization was destroyed by a Global war about 17,000 to 20,000 years ago.  This global war is portrayed by mainstream historians as the comet strikes the earth theory. It was a high technology war using nuclear bombs, gravitational bombs, plasma and  laser weapons. Megalithic cities were destroyed all over the globe. The war was so violent it changed the axis of the earth and created nuclear winter. The deserts are remnants of the war.

Civilization went underground for several thousand years. Around 10,000 BC, the stone age, they reemerged. Around 7,000 years ago during an interglacial period, They came down from the North Pole regions of Russia and began to rebuild civilization. It was a matriarchal civilization ruled by women that brought the cult of RA to Egypt and Indostan.

The change of Civilization from matriarchy to patriarchy is marked when the direction of writing changed from right to left to left to right.

In November 2017, Irene Caesar was interviewed was interviewed by Jon B Wells  on the “Caravan To Midnight” radio show. Unfortunately, that interview is behind a pay wall. Fortunately, this video is not. . The video is very concise and flows with minimum interruption by the interviewer.

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