By Irene Caesar

El-Yunque Rain Forest Puerto Rico is a major megalithic site, with Pyramids and a giant megalithic city that was destroyed in the last global war in 14,000 BC. There were also vast Russian-Aryan Scythian-Sak settlements, which our ancestors always built by the ancestral megalithic sites.

The megaliths demonstrate the signs of gravitational, plasma and laser weapons similar to sites in the Southern Urals in and around Arkaim, Shoria, the Kola peninsula, South Africa, Rock walk in Newport, the Bronx Botanical Garden in New York, etc. Our Russian-Aryan Scythian-Sak ancestors left Americas in 13th Century, due to Cannibalism of Neanderthal tribes out of control.

The mountain is in fact a giant pyramid, a portal. That is why it is the major UFO site. Our ancestors come from the higher dimension through this portal. Our ancestors used pyramids as a means to amplify atmospheric pressure, and that is why pyramids literally produce rain. The same as in Arkaim. In Arkaim, the portals are even stronger and have dry lightning in response to visitors. Water is also used as a media for scanning the information wave crystal of every visitor. That is why there is a rain forest here. Pyramids literally produced it by its water production. The other indication that Puerto Rico is a home to a giant pyramid is that there were no animals here for millennia. Pyramids act as natural psychotronic weapon, amplifying any signal via resonance (due to angle its of reflection).

El Yunque National Forest.

Pico El Yunque or El Yunque Peak is a mountain that is located fully within the boundaries of the El Yunque National Forest, part of the U.S. Forest Service, which is the only tropical rain forest that belongs to the U.S. Forest Service. The peak itself is one of the highest in Puerto Rico, standing at 3,543 feet (1,080 meters) above sea level. The peak is nearly always covered in thin mist and, due to its high humidity, a quick shower develops during some afternoons…Wikipedia