Dr. Irene Caesar has been invited  to be a chair of Neural Engineering Section at the BIT’s World Congress of Biomedical Engineering in Xi’an, China in November 2017.

Here is the  Abstract of her Speech

:Dr. Irene Caesar 

CEO, Matrix City LLC, Russia

President, Wave Genome LLC, USA


The same gene is expressed in functional individuals and species by the metacentric chromosome, and in dysfunctional individuals and species via acrocentric chromosome. Metacentric chromosome is analogous to a well-centered and focused eye crystal, while acrocentric chromosome is analogous to a myopic or farsighted eye.

The Chromosome is a lens that allows our cells to focus the needed wave information during cell division, analogously to a crystal in our eye. Thus, Biomedical Engineering is possible only by mastering the Geometrical Optics of Chromosomes by Laser Bioholography.

Current genetic engineering via cutting and pasting DNA snippets destroys the systematic wholes of chromosomal bioholograms and the refraction of the geometrical optics in chromosomes, and, therefore, causes genetic collapse.

The Quantum Leap in the Biomedical Engineering is the cost of our survival. Biomedical Engineering as Bioholography is based on Quantum Physics, and understanding the non-local nature of the Bioholograms.

Since the universe is holographic, we can record and transmit only holographic information, based upon changing the refraction of the scalar wave diffraction grating in chromosomes.

According to the Holographic principle, the Universe is entirely in its every matrix point. The implication of the Holographic Principle states that if the Universe is entirely in its every matrix point, then, every matrix point is not simply different from any other matrix point, but is unique. This means that every wave matrix is both non-local, and unique. Thus, if we have two exact copies of the same non-local wave matrix, we can transmit information instantaneously and remotely, from one copy of the same non-local unique wave matrix to another copy.

Thus, the precision in the Biomedical Engineering is achieved not via the precision of localization, but, vice versa, via the precision of refraction in the unique and non-local bioholograms aka “wave crystals”. The secret in the remote Biomedical Engineering as Quantum Biocomputing lies in the recording and instantaneous transmission of a structural phantom.

I will introduce the new method for recording and remote transmitting of bioholograms via laser spectroscopy and coding electrets on nanolevel via laser. The technology creates “lenses” assisting our chromosomes in correcting their refraction for focusing genetic bioholographic information, both locally and remotely.


Irene Caesar, Ph.D., is a Founder of Matrix City LLC, Russia, company creating global subscription platforms for bioelectronic drugs (founded 2012);

Founder and President of Wave Genome LLC, company producing bioelectronic devices and software for the distribution of bioelectronic drugs for rejuvenation only (founded 2010);

Co-founder of “Matrix City” Consortium with the Institute for National Security in Moscow for building self-sufficient human settlements based upon the remote management of biosystems, climate and geophysical processes for the first time in the history of humankind (founded 2012), presented in the Honorary Lecture at the Harriman Institute of the Columbia University in September 2012;

Co-founder of the Quantum Biointernet for the remote rejuvenation via distant laser signal, commercially offered for the first time in the history of humankind by Irene Caesar’s company Wave Genome in May 2013;

Colonel of Irkutsk Cossack Military, awarded the Medal of Faith and Service to Russia (2014). Dr. Caesar received her doctoral degree from the Graduate Center of the City University in New York.

Wave Genome LLC, USA