Russians Were the Atlanteans, the Anunnaki and the Elohim

By: Irene Caesar

Russia is the country Rosh (Russia / Rasha) in the North that is spoken of in the 38th Chapter of the Book of Ezekiel, Tanakh / Old Testament. A country more ancient, more civilized and more advanced than Judea. Rosh / Russia is the country on the River RA, which was the name for Volga, the major Russian river, in the Ancient times. RA means “Absolute Light”, the Sun that does not cast a shadow.

So, “Russia” and “Russian” are at least as old as the Old Testament / Tanakh. Moreover, this chapter of the Old Testament / Tanakh also speaks of Russia as a more ancient, developed and civilized country than Israel. It says that if Jewish Kings misbehave, the King of Rosh / Russia will come and punish them.

The Book of Ezekiel also says that the Fire Chariot (Vimana) was flying in from the North – from Rosh / Russia. This is another proof that Old Testament / Tanakh speaks of Rosh / Russia as of the higher civilization than Israel. RAssians were Elohim who were coming on Vimanas to Israel to teach Jews.

Now, let us look at Egypt. The Cult of RA was brought to Egypt by Russians from the River RA. Those Russians were ruled by Warrior-Women, who were depicted as Falcons, and called “Mat’”. Mat’ or Maat is the major Egyptian Goddess-Falcon, later called Isis. “Isis” is simply the Egyptian word for “throne”. But the real name is “Mat’” = Mother in Russian.

The major symbol of Ancient Russians was Falcon, called RAROG, that is, RA (FIREBIRD).

[Anglo]-Sax and German Saxons are simply branches of Russians-RArog-Falcons. Sax is Sak-Scythian (Scyth is abbreviation from “Sakalot” or “Skolot”). Scythians were calling themselves “Sakolot” or “Skolot” from “Sakol” / “Sokol”, which is the Russian name for Falcon. “ol” is a suffix, and “Sak” is a root of the word. “Sak” is shortened from “Sakol” for Falcon in Russian. Everywhere we, Russians, came, we established Falcon as our major symbol. This includes all continents, including Falcon culture in America and Africa. Phoenix is RArog or Russian Firebird, called “Finist Yasna Sokol” in Russian mythology.

Now, let us look at Sumer. In reality, it is SAMAR. since the epicenter of the so-called “Sumer” is the Iraqi city of Samarra. There is the famous Epos “Gilgamesh”, which is older than Old Testament / Tanakh. Gilgamesh Epos says that when Enkidu died, Gilgamesh (the King of Uruk) went to the North, and crossed the sea (Aral = Aryan Sea) to meet with Gods and immortal man Utnapishtim who survived the Global Flood. Gilgamesh went to the territory of Russia – to the country Rosh / RAsha on the River RA to meet with RAssians. Gilgamesh himself was 2/3rd God, that is, he was 2/3rd RAssian.

That is, the Gilgamesh Epos supports the Old Testament / Tanakh testimony that Country Rosh / RAssia on the River RA was more ancient and more advanced technologically, more civilized than Sumer. Moreover, the Gilgamesh Epos states that RAssians were the GODS of Sumer / Samar. RAssians were Anunnaki who established and controlled civilization on this planet. Besides Vedas, the Gilgamesh Epos is another proof that RAssians were flying Vimanas and were the only ones in possession of Quantum technologies. RAssians were Anunnaki who brought up Neanderthals like Enkidu to the level of humans.

There are two rivers Samara on the left and right side of river RA / Volga, one in present day Ukraine / Malorossia (“Little RAssia”) and second one flowing from Urals (“U-RA-l” = “near RA”) into River RA / Volga. And there is a RAssian city of Samara in the place of confluence of River RA / Volga and River Sama-RA. “Sama-RA” means “itself RA” in Russian. So, since Sumerian / Samarean Gilgamesh Epos places Gods of Sumer / Samar on the territory of Russia, we can conclude that the RAssian city of Samara is more ancient than the Sumerian city of Samarra as the epicenter of Sumer / Samar culture in Iraq, which is erroneously considered to be most ancient by Anglo-Saxon Zionists.

We also have Old Edda testimony that Varangians, Varyags or Vikings originate in RAssia. Old Edda says that there was “Great Sweden” (Svetia or Svithiod from Russian word “Svet” for “light”) above Aral Sea. Then, Swedes went up to the North to found the “Small Sweden”. Hence, all Varangians, Varyags or Vikings are RAssians and initially lived near RAssian rivers RA and Sama-RA, and spoke RAssian.

RA culture was Matriarchy. Matriarchy was before Patriarchy. When Matriarchy was transformed into Patriarchy, the writing changed its direction from right to left to the direction from left to right. So, “RA” was transformed into “AR”.

In the RAssian Polar regions, right by the North Ocean, we, RAssians, have three rivers – Aryan, Alla and Sura. “Sura” is literally “from area near RA”. We, Russians, founded Syria, which is called “Suria” by locals. “Surya” literally means SUN = RA. The notion of “Surya” / Sun is central for the Aryan culture in Indostan / India. This is one of the proofs that the Assyrian and Indian culture has one origin – RAssian-Aryan, since Aryan culture came there from the North – from RAssia. We, RAssinas, brought the notion of Surya = Sun simultaneously to Indostan / India and Middle East from the RAssian Polar regions, moving South by rivers, such as river RA.

Besides the notion of “Surya”, Indostan and Middle East share the notion of “RAvi”. In Indostan, “RAvi” means SUN RA. There are “RAvinat” temples in India, which are dedicated to the God Siva, who is, in reality, SVA = SVET (“light” in RAssian). Word “swastika” is also a derivative from “SVA = SVET” (“light” in RAssian).

In the Middle East, “RAvi” is appropriated by Judaism in the form of “RAvvin” or RAbbi / Rebbe. But Judaism forgot the meaning of RAvi as Sun, lost the Solar nature, and became a Lunar Cult – the Cult of Set / Sata / Satan, the Negroid God of Night, Death and Desert of the Upper Egypt (Ethiopia and North Sudan) of the Negroid Tribe of Set, which also calls itself the “Tribe of Judah”, and who are the only true Jews of the Tanakh / Old Testament.

Not only did RAbbis forget that RAvi or RAbbi means SUN = RA, but they also forgot that they are Russian-Aryans from the country Rosh / RAsha.

Jesus Christ was called “RAvi” in Gospels, that is SUN RA. That is why early, true Christians knew only one form of Cross – Gammadion / Swastika = Solar Cross, which is symmetrical (Crux Quadrata = “as above, as below”), and, thus, rejects hierarchy, slavery, racism and nazism of the caste society. Sun RA gives Light to everybody EQUALLY, independently of race, nation, caste, initiation, education, gender, and even transgressions.

Russian Jews still use the word RAvvin / RAvi instead of Rabbi / Rebbe, that is, Russian Jews use the word for Teacher, which is identical to the word “RAvi / RAvinat” for the Teacher of Light RA / SVA in Indostan / India.

Since RAvinat was Matriarchy, the Gods in Indostan are called Devi (plural) / Deva (singular) = Virgin in RAssian. The very plural form “Devi” from singular “Deva” is a RAssian way to form plural forms of words. And Teacher in India is called “Baba” = Woman in Russian.

RA-MA was a woman, literally, “Mother=Ma” of “RA=Sun”. The presence of RAvinat in India proves that there were a few waves of RAssians coming into India. The first wave were RAssian warrior-women Devi and Babi who brought the Cult of RA=Sun=Sva/Swastika=Svet=Light to India. These Matriarchs were those who also brought the Cult of RA=Sun to Egypt. And later waves were RAssian-Aryan Patriarchs.

Ur = Ar = Arya = Iry (as in “Iran” or “Irina”). The city of Ur, where Gilgamesh was ruling, is the same as “Ar”.

Alla and Ara / Arya is the same as well, since “l” and “r” were interchangeable. Hence, we have the Surian Falcon-goddess Allat, which is the same as Ellada and Lada, RAssian goddess. Lada / Allat is more ancient than Elohim and Allah. Elohim and Allah are derivatives from Alla / Allat. We, RAssians have female name “Alla” till now, and it is very popular.

River Volga (RA) is itself the variation of “Alla” and “Valhalla”, and literally means “V” (into) ALLA (Light) GA (Road)”. The name for the Teacher of Light in Russian is “Volhv” (the variation of “Valhalla” and “Volga”, as well as the name for RAssian super-warrior Vol’ga / Ol’ga).

And now, let us take a look at Hellenic culture. Greek culture was also founded by us, RAssians. Ancient Greeks say that Hercules (but, in reality, Irakly) was taught using weapons by Scythians / Saks, that is, by us, RAssians. And Hercules gave beginning to ancient noble families of Greece. Moreover, Ancient Greeks directly say that Scythians-Saks invented all devices for agriculture and war.

Apollo and Afina are both called “Hypeborean”, meaning that they are from the RAssian Polar regions in the Far North of RAssia. Apollo was flying North on Swans. And Greek mythology says that Gods had a day lasting for half a year, that is, a Polar Day, which is possible only near RAssian North Pole.

Vedas say the same thing. Gods had “God’s Day” and “God’s Night” which both last for half a year, that is, Polar Day and Polar Night.

Also, Vedas say that Gods came from the North, from the Polar Regions where they saw Polar Star, and other stars rotating around Polar Star in the from of Swastika. During marriage, Brahman asks his bride: “Dear, do you see Polar Star?” And she is supposed to answer: “Yes”, though Polar Star is not visible in India.

Now, why “Gods” came from the RAssian North?


Why does the “Old Edda” say that all Scandinavians lived in RAssia above Aral Sea in “Great Sweden” (“Svetia” from “Svet”, another Russian word for RA / Light)? And then, later on, Old Edda says, they went up to the European North to found “Small Sweden” (“Svetia”)? After the last global war 17,000 ago, there was North Pole shift, and the entire Europe was under ice, including Scandinavia. While 7,000 BC, there was inter-glacial period in the Russian Polar regions, when the winter temperature did not fall below zero. This is when and where our joint Russian-Aryan ancestors rebuilt the civilization.

One of the most important reasons of why this happened in the Russian Polar regions was that ionosphere is of Kozyrev Mirror shape there, while the light signal lasts for half a year – so-called the “Day of the Gods” in the Vedas = the Polar Day which lasts for six months. That is why the light signal gets fully involuted, via reflection and refraction via scalar wave diffraction grating toward the zero center of the wave crystal (hologram) in the Russian North Pole areas.

This creates the conditions for the extra sentient life, extra paranormal abilities, and the emergence of super men near Russian North Pole.

That is why birds are flying from all over the planet to Russian-Aryan North Pole to hatch their eggs. And eggs in the Polar regions mature much faster than eggs laid down in the South. Russian North Pole is the major treasure of this planet, the portal.

So, all so-called Europeans, including all Scandinavians, lived in RAssia and spoke RAssian. According to the expertise of Durgaprasad Shastri, the most prominent Indian Sanskritologist, Russian language is the most archaic form of Sanskrit.

There is no such thing as “Indo-Europeans” since RAssians who came to Indostan from RAssia never settled later in Europe.

On the contrary, RAssians were those “Gods on Vimanas” who civilized Asia, Africa and Europe.

Since, RAssia is the most ancient country in the world, the country of Vimanas and “Gods – Elohim”, I use the term “RAssian-Aryan”. “RAssian” comes first. Since later RAssian was also used as “Aryan”, I use double term “RAssian-Aryan”.

Meanwhile, only Russian language can explain what “Aryan” really means. “Aryan” is “Yary” which is “Fiery” (“Fa-Yary”) as spiritual quality. Analogously, “Faraon” or “Pharaoh” is “Ara” or “Aaron”. “F” / “H” / “G” is the prefix of the times of Hellenism.

The same way, “Germans” are “Ari-Man” or “Ar-Man”, literally, “Armenian”, and lived over Black, Azov and Aral Seas. There is the city Germanassa in RAssia near Black Sea in Taman’. Also there was a King of Ost-Goths Hermanaricus / Airminareiks. Ost-Goths were living above Black, Azov and Aral Seas, and were RAssians, Scythian-Saks, Falcon-RArog Tribe. And these Goths founded the culture in Europe. Gothic cathedrals all over Europe are of RAssian origin.

To continue, there was only one Roman Empire, with the capital in Constantinople. Even when Roman Empire was divided into Western and Eastern parts, Rome was not a capital of the Western part, and the divided Empire was ruled by Tetrarchy, two Caesars and two Emperors, with supreme Emperor sitting in Constantinople. The so-called Holy Roman Empire of Charlemagne was fake (“pseudo-Holy pseudo-Roman pseudo-Empire” in the words by Voltaire), since Charlemagne was an impostor who self-proclaimed himself a Roman Emperor in 800 AD when in the true Roman Empire (erroneously called now “Byzantium”), the true Roman Empress Irene was ruling.

Twenty Roman Emperors in the true Roman Empire were Slavs. “Slav” is a wrong later term of the 19th century. Our ancient manuscripts use the word “Skloven”, which is “Sakoloven”, that is, “Sakol” / “Sak” and “Ven” / “Vened”. I already told you about Sak / Sakol (Falcon-RArog). “Venet” / “Vened” are Western so-called “Slavs”, but, in reality, part of Russian-Aryans / Scythians-Saks who cultivated Europe. The Baltic Sea was called the “Sea of Vened”. Varangyans, Varyags and Vikings are Veneds. Venets / Veneds founded Venice as well, and are part of Etruscans, who had Falcon-Arak as their symbol.

Etruscians are literally “This (“eto”) Rus”. Etruscan “Arak” for Falcon is a variation of RArog or RArak for Falcon. As you know, Rome (“Rim”) was founded by Etruscans. There is a map in Vatican which shows “Small Etrutria” in Italy (Tuscany) with Rome, and “Large Etruria” on the territory of RAssia.

“Etruria” is literally “this (“eto”) Ruria”. “Ruria” or “Rur” is the same as “RArog”. We have “Rur” in Germany as well, meaning that Germany was founded by RAssians. Etruscans also called their country “RAssna” which is the same as “RAssia”.

So, the Roman Empire was our, RAssian Empire.

The very name of “Constantinople” is a RAssian name. Greeks added their Greek suffix “is” to transform “polye” and “pol’” into “polis” as the name for the city. So they say “Akropolis”, while we, RAssians, say “Akropol’”. “Polye” is the agricultural field, since we were bringing the culture of cultivating plants everywhere we came to. We pronounce “Konstantino-Pol”, alike other RAssians cities: Sevasto-Pol’, Petro-Pol’, “Niko-Pol’”, “Semfiro-Pol’”, “Tiras-Pol’”, “Terno-Pol’”, “Melito-Pol”, etc. And the branch of our RA-ssian-Aryan / Scythian-Sak / Kas-Sak / Cossack Falcon Tribe was called “Polyane” from the word “polye”. So, Constantinople is also called by other nations precisely as “Konstanino-Pol’”, not “Constantinopolis”, meaning that Greeks were later guests there, and the city was founded and mainly ruled by us, RAssian Scythian-Saks.

Alike, the most ancient cites in Egypt are “Allio-Pol’” from RAssian name for Light “Alla” (erroneously called “Heliopolis”) and “Iraklio-Pol’” (erroneously called “Heracleopolis”). While the most ancient city of Israel is “Scytho-Pol’” (erroneously called “Schytopolis”) – all Swastika cities.

The very word for Sun in Greek “Helios” is the RAssian word. “H” is Greek prefix of the times of Hellenism, while “os” is the Greek suffix of the times of Hellenism. After subtracting both, we get “Alla”, which is RAssian word. Greeks just added apostrophe to our word. “H” is not even a prefix per se.

Tripoli in Libya is the same as the ancient culture of Tripolye in RAssia. The archeological layer is already going beyond 45,000 BC. This is a Swastika culture, and all graves have our, RAssian-Aryan DNA.

Serbia was called RAshka in the ancient times. Macedonia is the part of Serbia. And, so, Aristotle is RAssian philosopher, and, indeed, he expressed true RAssian Vedic philosophy. Macedonia is literally “Poppy (“Mak”) from “Don” (River Don, which was also called “Tan” or “Tanais” in Greek manner).

And, finally, let us take a second look at Israel. Jerusalem is called “Urus-Alim” by locals, which literally means “Urus” (Russian) Alim (teacher)”, that is, the City of Russian Teacher, Volhv, from River Volga / RA. The very name of Israel means “From (“iz”) RA (Rosh / RAsha) El (Elohim / Alla / Allat / Ellada / Lada)”, that is, the country founded by RAssians from country Rosh / RA / RAsha.

The Eye of Horus belongs to us! “Horus” is, in reality, “Ara”, since “h” is a Greek prefix from the times of Hellenism, and “us” is a Greek suffix of the times of Hellenism, when Egypt was ruled by Ptolemean dynasty. The right eye of Horus / Ara is his Mother “Mat’” – RAssian woman-Falcon from RAssian river RA.

We built Pyramids all over the globe. We were antediluvian giants, since only in RAssian Vedas and RAssian folk legends, we have the description of antediluvian civilization with Quantum Leap technologies. That civilization was destroyed by the quarrel between brothers.

We, RAssians created Yoga and Vimanas.

By the way, another name for “Polyanye” was “Ant” or “Antlan”, which is “Atlantis”.

We, RAssians, were Atlanteans, Anunnaki, and Elohim.

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    This has to be thee best article on this subject I have ever read. Linguistic’s really make it clear and of course the Veda’s.
    Thank You sooo much. I have read much on this top and have never seen it so clearly in a way even a not so bright person could connect the dots. I guess one could say my heart was there but my communication skills were lacking.
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