Wave Genome set to release a new generation of Tesla PSI-Generators




 A FaceBook conversation

Irene Caesar: My tech was checked by the vast TI community, and the data testifies that ULTIMATE MINI-TESLA indeed provides protection from psychotronic and genetic warfare. Read other testimonials on

Irene Caesar: TESLA PSI-GENERATORS are produced by me in collaboration with the Institute for National Security in Moscow, certified and tested in clinical trials. I am about to release a new generation of TESLA PSI-GENERATORS produced by me in collaboration with the largest Russian Science University, of MIT level, via using a newly invented Russian Laser Spectrograph, and with mathematical models produced by the same scientists who produced the mathematical model for the new, top Russian Caliber, that is eliminating ISIS in Syria now.

 Jong Choi: A new generation of psi generators. Sounds awesome. When would they be released?
Irene Caesar: Dear Jong Choi, they will be released by me in two weeks, and presented by me at the two major World Conferences in China – World Gene Convention in Macau, and Global Congress of Biological Engineering in Xi’an. One chip has the digitized biohologram of as-p-irin encoded in it, and another one has the digitized biohologram of fetus stem cells encoded in it
 Jong Choi: Awesome. Really enjoy seeing the products evolution. Please post the product info on your website when ready. Really look forward reading it.
 Elisa Da Conceiçao: this new Tesla generators can be combined with Ultimate mini Tesla?

Irene Caesar: Elisa Da Conceiçao, yes, they can be combined. This is another refraction modulation upon the biohologram.

Elisa Da Conceiçao:Irene Caesar Cool. Looking forward

 Steve Wilkins: TO MY FRIENDS… I watch this progress warily. We need to know about events of this “nature”… Is Irene Caesar on the right track with the wave genome PSI (health) generator?

Is the Russian Government supporting something beneficial for humanity..? Unless we follow – we will never know.
As for IBM and the big tech companies seeking to introduce Ai – we better keep a VERY close eye on them! I have yet to find a corporation that promotes anything other than service-to-self and our toxic world is evidence of the disastrous consequences of their endeavors! Buyer beware..! Observe carefully folks…

Patrick Hair: I believe in the science and her research. It may not work 100% for everyone right away. For some really sick people who are suffering from many things it could take a few years. But that’s still better than what western medicine offers which very rarely cures anyone of anything. How many thousands and thousands have people spent on regular doctors, regular medicine, and big Pharma drugs?? I believe it’s worth it to try something new and outside of FDA approval. FDA approves cigarettes and aspertame and GMO’s and chemtrails. Russia won’t allow GMO’s and chemtrails. They are a much more advanced and people friendly country

George Hartwell: Who to trust is clearly a central question. it is important to resolve that question as psychotronics can be built into microwave towers, cell phones, desktop computers and televisions. People are being ruthlessly targeted by psychological, social and psychotropic methods and hunted down and driven to suicide or homicide. The fact that I own and wear a mini Tesla generator tells you where I have put my confidence – Russia and Irene Caesar. I am completing the third time through the digital pharmacy ticking off three issues a time as Irene suggested. I am providing prayer support to one targeted individual based on my confidence in protection.

How the Wave Genome Ultimate-Mini-Tesla PSI-Generator protects against Psychtronic Warfare 

 Irene Caesar, Ph.D.

QUESTION: How WAVE GENOME can help me against psychotronic weapons?

ANSWER: The ULTIMATE MINI-TESLA PSI-GENERATOR does not protect from the military grade psychotronic weapons on the battle-field, i.e., direct energy weapons, etc. But the generator will radically increase the ability of live cells to regenerate after such an assault. In other words, the generator does not neutralize the psychotronic weapons themselves, but neutralizes the response of cells to the application of the psychotronic weapons.

In the case of the electronic harassment in the cause of testing of non-military grade psychotronic weapons by DARPA on civilians world-wide, our generator will successfully block the assault, but again, on the level of the cells.

QUESTION: Thank you so much for your reply. Ok, and please forgive me for not being able to understand but, when you say “the generator does not neutralize the psychotronic weapons themselves, but neutralizes the response of cells to the application of the psychotronic weapons” do you mean that you will not feel the symptoms the weapons are trying to induce? Like the attacks occur but they are not actually felt? So would issues such as induced fatigue, sleep deprivation, extreme pain, or loss of consciousness be eliminated then?

ANSWER: Yes, it is possible to become impenetrable for psychotronic, genetic and bacteriological warfare. The secret lies in the ability to neutralize the linear signal in the scalar wave when the peak of the forward-going wave is nullified by the trough of the same wave when it is reflected upon itself. That is why our ancestors have prolongated their skulls, and built houses with cupola ceilings, used domes, bells and were eating from dome-shaped bowls.

The secret of a Superman lies in the shape of his chromosomes — in the Geometrical Optics of Genome.


QUESTION: If my husband was wearing your MINI-TESLA psi-generator but was away 50 km away working – and I run the computer program, will it work from a distance ?

ANSWER: This is called Quantum Non-Locality. In 2012, I formulated the implication of the Holographic Principe. Holographic Principle states that Universe is entirely in its ever Matrix Point. The implication of the Holographic Principle states that if Universe is entirely in its every Matrix Point, then, every Matrix Point is not simply different from any other point, but is unique. Thus, if we have two exact copies of the same UNIQUE NON-LOCAL WAVE MATRIX / HOLOGRAM, we can transmit information instantaneously from one copy of the same unique non-local wave matrix / biohologram to another copy. Our complete DIGITAL PHARMACY software that comes with every MINI-TESLA PSI-GENERATOR (chip inside casing) on a separate memory stick (USB), is encoded with the digitized biohologram of the client in every part of the program and every pixel. Attentive eye can notice how this digitized bioholgoram is floating all over the screen in a specific, special rejuvenation algorithm. 

(© Irene Caesar, Ph.D.. President & Founder of WAVE GENOME LLC, 2010-present)

Mini-Tesla PSI-Generators -The ultimate protection against genetic and psychotronic warfare.

Individual Mini-Tesla PSI-Generators are produced for the ultimate protection against genetic and psychotronic warfare.


Generic Mini-Tesla PSI-Generators are produced for large families who would like to share the same Tesla Generator for all members of the family.


Little Andreas with Ultra Mini-Tesla PSI-Generator. One of the most advanced Quantum Leap devices on the market produced by WAVE GENOME offers protection from the present-day genetic and psychotronic warfare and criminal testing of forbidden weapons against unarmed civilians worldwide.

 The models of Mini-Tesla PSI-Generators differ by the size of the chip (the number of layers). The chip is multilayered and it takes longer than one day to produce just one layer. Our Super, Ultra and Ultimate Mini-Tesla PSI-Generators have twice as many layers than our Basic Mini-Tesla PSI-Generators. Our Ultra and Ultimate Mini-Tesla PSI-Generators take more than a month to produce.

Each model comes in Generic and Individual version. The Generic version has the universal human biohologram , aka Digital Cell, encoded by laser onto the chip at the nano level. And the individualized version has the personal human biohologram encoded by laser onto the chip at the nano level.

The Generic Mini-Tesla PSI-Generators are produced for large families, who would like to share the same Tesla Generator for all members of the family. The Generic Human Biohologram, aka Digital Cell, is the result of decades of research, and is the foundation for our diagnostics procedures.

Individual Mini-Tesla PSI-Generators have the individual biohologram of a client in the chip, being encoded by laser onto the chip at the nano level. Individual biohologram is recorded from your childhood photograph (or navel blood / placenta) via laser, digitized, diagnosed, and encoded onto the chip by laser.

Individual Mini-Tesla PSI-Generators are produced for the ultimate protection against genetic and psychotronic warfare.

Each chip (inside a pendant) comes with the Complete Digital Pharmacy as software on a flash drive with 44 modules for every essential bodily organ and physiological system. The market value is 35,000 Euros for only one module.

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