Man is not canceled

DNA is a scaled and refracted scalar wave.

The message to the editors of the “Russian Spring” about their publication “THE MAN IS CANCELED”:


Russian, do not be fooled by the wiring of the Illuminati from Berdichev. Transhumanism is the strategy of the Wahhabis from capitalism to create biorobots. Purpose: global depopulation of the planet’s population, and replacing it with biorobots. And, the “owners” / “slaveholders” themselves plan to remain people. This is the first.

Second, all technologies of transhumanism without exception are obsolete and, fundamentally, not scientific. This is ALL pre-QUANTUM TECHNOLOGIES. These technologies are just a cyber weapon against Russia. It’s about chips in the brain, and about controlling consciousness – about the so-called “The brain-computer interface,” and the management of the planet by global artificial intelligence.

BUT! Any created intellect (wave matrix) is inferior in comparison with the human non-created wave matrix. The universe is holographic, that is, it is located entirely in each of its matrix points. In the wave matrix of a person there is a component of an infinite (uncreated and indestructible) wave. Machines and artificial intelligence will never have this component. Therefore, turning people into biorobots is tantamount to killing them.

Third, Russia is at the peak of the technological revolution of information-wave technologies of Quantum Leap. We can TERMINATE REMOTELY NOT ONLY ONLY THE ENEMIES OF THE ENEMY AND SATELLITE LASER SIGNAL, BUT ALSO CHIPS OF THE GUARDIAN CYBORGES.

Moreover, the plan of stupid Illuminati from Berdichev is to make universal chips for cyborgs in China. But the more versatile the chips, the easier it is to cut them off remotely in one fell swoop.

We Russians can already now remotely control biosystems, weather, and geophysical processes with a laser signal. We Russians can heal “incurable” diseases, increase the productivity of agriculture repeatedly by lasers and generators, even remotely.

We can have unrestricted access to energy, resources and food through the process of transmutation from the quantum vacuum. Already, scientists in Moscow are mining gold from a quantum vacuum.

That’s why the war is in Ukraine. And that is why the Illuminati agent from Berdichev Gorbachov started the criminal disintegration of Russia. The first thing that the Illuminati from Berdichev did after the collapse of the USSR was that they invited Igor Smirnov, the Father of Psychotronics, to Washington and stole his technology.

But laser information-wave technologies are no longer stealing from Russia. They are engaged in numerous groups of scientists in Russia. You can only either destroy Russia in the war, or quietly implement the mass genocide of Russians through chipping into the brain.

RUSSIAN! The fight against chips in the brain is our last battle! The Illuminati from Berdichev lie that the ecosphere does not stand such a large number of people on the planet. And there will not be enough resources, water, and even air. It’s a lie.

We do not need control over the entire planet in order to have unlimited access to resources through the process of transmutation from the quantum vacuum.

Similarly, it is the Illuminati from Berdichev who defend the predatory schemes of capitalism in the barbaric exploitation of the resources of the planet, including human resources.

It is the Illuminati from Berdichev that inhibit Quantum Technologies, which would ensure environmentally friendly production. Moreover, this is the number of people on the planet that is needed to create the necessary vibration of the noosphere for the Quantum Leap.

Read also my interview with one of the leading specialists in cyber security of the USA about the dangers of global artificial intelligence and singularity:

Leakproofing the Singularity: Irene Caesar interviews Roman Yampolsiy


In Defense of Socialism

By Irene Caesar

Those who ever lived in the United States know that “Socialism” is a curse word in the US. Socialism is equated to totalitarianism and suppression of individual freedom. “Freedom” and “democracy” of the United States is nothing else, but the rejection of Socialism. The US elites adopted the extreme forms of the anti-social Libertarianism, which they themselves also call “Satanism”. The essence of Satanism is egoistical profit above common good, expressed by Ayn Rand in her Satanic novel “The Fountainhead” when a heroine breaks the precious artifact so that other people would never see it, and the privilege of enjoyment would belong only to her.

Rand-style, “freedom” and “democracy” of the US Satanists is their all-permissive liberty of the global organized crime, engaged in illegal drugs, arms, slave, and organ trade. But the goal of Satanists is much more malicious: it is the complete destruction of the welfare state, with the annulment of all social benefits, the global depopulation, and the creation of the two-caste cyber slavery. Satanists agree to pronounce themselves “Reptilians” or “Cyborgs”, in order to become “different” from the general population, and justify their criminal appropriation of national wealth, destruction of environment, and Neanderthal rituals of human sacrifice and pedophilia.

80% of the US food supply is GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms). GMO causes all kinds of degenerative diseases, like cancer, and infertility in third generation. As the result, United States has entered the stage of total genetic collapse, which concerns all living beings — humans, animals, insects and plants. In ten years from now, there will be no healthy child born in the US. And US will be full with Americans who are not only ugly, as hell, but also mentally disabled. Those Americans would not be able to think clearly. To this repulsive picture, we can also add the global testing of psychotronic weapons by NATO world-wide, the use of psychotropics on children, poisoned water (by fluoride) and air (by chemtrails) and legalization of drugs in the US. All these “achievements” of American “democracy” give us the gruesome picture of Apocalypse that would inevitably hit the US like a huge wave.

Now farmers are forced to buy seeds from Monsanto. It looks like that Satanists intend to force on humans the similar infertility, so that humans would buy the birth right from Elon Musk and Peter Thiel. Not Space X or Tesla Motors, but this fascist pervert power over men is what truly attracting an infantile psychopath Elon Musk who said that humans have “feline brains” in comparison to machines.

Space X and Tesla Motors are fake projects similar to the fake American landing on the Moon. The goal of these technological “wonders” is not to make technological leap, but, vice versa, to achieve total and complete “deindustrialization”, as it was formulated by the Club of Rome.

All these Neuro Links and Brain-Computer Interfaces, as well as more mundane cyber entities of the “Global Electronic Government” are simply the gates for the global cyber attack, which would be launched by Google from its floating servers in the international waters under the  pretence of the “Anonymous” and “Terrorist” cyber attack. CIA, as the Proxy of the Global Organized Crime Syndicate “Octopus” aka self-named “Synagogue of Satan”, has twice recently tested the “gates” in the Windows software for this global cyber attack.

It is clear that Satanists are simply Neanderthals, who are not fully human any more. No surprise, they worship “The Beast”, and put predatory animals in the headings on their Facebook pages. No wonder that they rape their own children and drink children’s blood. Peter Thiel has regular “injections of blood from a child”. And no question that Satanists cannot make Quantum Leap, since they are unaware of the energy complications from drinking or injecting other person’s blood, and having other person’s transplanted heart.

Because of this Neanderthal blindness, Satanists sabotage all Quantum Leap technologies, which give self-sufficient and sovereign communities the unlimited access to energy and resources via the process of transmutation from the Quantum Vacuum. That is why Ayn Rand failed in all her promises. Instead of technological progress by the “Prime Movers”, which she promised, she smuggled in the impotent and degenerate Neanderthals, who are Zombie, Vampires and Pedophiles.

I would like to ask every citizen of India: does he or she want to buy the right to have a baby from the guy who subsists on a child’s blood? Do Indian citizens want to submit to Cannibals?

That is why we need to protect the values of our joint Russian-Aryan ancestors, who understood that Quantum Leap is impossible without Social Leap, and who knew that universe is 93% energy and only 7% particles, which are also just the congested energy. That is why, man cannot hide behind the wall from the orphan sobbing from despair. Wave information is passing through the walls.

Thus, so-called “Libertarianism” of Peter Thiel is either stupid, or totally criminal.

“Socialism” is not a notion of the English socialists. And “Communism” is not a notion of Karl Marx. Just as the “Communal-Clan System” is not the lowest stage of human development, as Marx argued. And the parasitic schemes of slavery and serfdom, or the debt bondage of “Capitalism” are not “more developed” or “more civilized” ways of self-organizing society.

In Arkaim, our Russian-Aryan swastika settlement of the Bronze Age in the Southern Urals (3,500 BC, near the complex of our Russian-Aryan half-ruined Antediluvian megalithic cities with pyramids, with our DNA R1a1 in all burials), archaeologists have found NO property stratification.

The city consisted of sectors of the circle, in two rows. In each sector there lived a large family – the Klan of thirty to forty people, under the rule of Matriarch – BABA. The women, the heads of the clans, gathered on a round square in the center of the city on Saturdays at “KON” / CIRCLE – to solve the pressing problems of the community.

The division was only natural – by age. Children obeyed their parents. And parents, growing old, and falling into childhood, listened to children, but without losing the family’s respect for themselves. There was no slavery. Slavery, murder and theft were considered to be Karmic crimes. Therefore, the doors were not locked.

It was the Global TRIPOLIYE – from Tripoli in Voronezh (Russian plain) to Tripoli in Lebanon and Tripoli in Libya, Africa. Tripoli / Tripoliye means “Three Fields” – one field under the grain, the second field under the grass, and the third field was resting. Names of the cities had an ending – “pol’”, with “polye” being “agricultural field””. The community worked the fields together. That is, there was no private ownership of the land. Every seventy to eighty years, the commune / community was changing location, since soil was getting exhausted.

This was genuine DEVELOPED SOCIALISM – which allowed our ancestors to survive the last global war of 14,000 BC, and to rebuild civilization – GLOBALLY – after our ancestors emerged from underground cities onto the surface of the earth 10,000 BC after the nuclear winter (the so-called “Stone Age”).

With this SOCIALISM, our ancestors were baptizing the nations of the world, who, after the nuclear winter and the worldwide flood (as a result of the explosion of the gravitational bomb), degenerated to the level of the Neanderthals near the equator, where two torsion currents are zeroed (one moving down from the North Pole and the other towards it from the South Pole up – a known physical phenomenon).

Russians have the world “KRESTIANYE” which is identical to the world “CHRISTIAN”. “KRESTIANYE” are  PEASANTS = POLYANYE / POLOVTZY. They baptized the nations with the Swastika – Solar Cross, which denies Nazism and Racism, since the Sun shines to all equally regardless of race, nationality, initiation, education, caste, sex, and even sins. The Swastika is the symbol of the Orthodox Faith – Crux Quadrata – The Quadratic (Square) Cross, expressing the principle “as above s below” – the principle of equality, freedom and fraternity.

The fact that Tripolye stretched to Thailand and Japan was testified by stone BABA(s) – all over the planet. The Matriarchal civilization was global (Matriarchy was before Patriarchy).

Inside the family was COMMUNISM – a joint use of PERSONAL things.

Therefore, the destruction of the family and the perversion of Matriarchy is the most important goal of the Synagogue of Satan.

I repeat: a QUANTUM LEAP is possible only under Socialism. Parasitic schemes of alienation (robbery, violence, suppression) do not allow Quantum Technologies that provide unlimited access to resources from Quantum Non-locality for self-sufficient sovereign communities.

Russian Matryoshka is the symbol of the holographic structure of the universe. The Universe is entirely in its every matrix point. Russian Matryoshka designates the unity between cosmos, polis (society) and soul (individual man).

Therefore, it is possible to say with conviction that, first, the Antediluvian civilization was a MATRIARCHY / MATERNAL – people and all other living beings were perceived by the eye of the Mother. Second, Antediluvian civilization was SOCIALIST. Third, the latest global and high-tech war (via nuclear, laser, plasma, psychotronic and gravitational weapons – all described in the Vedas) occurred between the Matriarchs / Mothers (Babas) and Patriarch degenerates (this is confirmed by the difference between the functional shape of the female chromosomes and non-functional shape Male chromosome).

Russia has still retained Matriarchy, and, therefore, a family with a complete denial of pedophilia and slavery.

Since the construction of the society of our ancestors was correct – the Matrix one, like a MATRYOSHKA – the family was repeating the structure of society, as a whole. Or, vice versa, society, in general, was simply the scaled large family, where the same motherly love and care reigned, as in the family as such, which is a cell, or a brick of society.

Quantum physics cancels AI-Transhumanism – Why the Idea of the Global Artificial Intellect is Wrong

 By Irene Caesar


Thus, the paradigm of the limited exhaustible resources is WRONG. The geopolitics of depopulation based upon the paradigm of limited resources is A LIE.  The geopolitics of depopulation based upon the paradigm of limited resources is A LIE. 

The idea that machines are smarter than humans is WRONG


We, Russians, can control biosystems, climate, and geophysical processes remotely via the remote laser signal as of today. Global Artificial Intellect (aka “Internet of Everything” / “Internet of Things”), BCI (brain-computer interface), and nano chips are all obsolete technologies. They are simply cyber weapons.

These weapons of mass destruction are built by the Satanist-Zionist Alliance not simply against the union of our nations living in Eurasia, but against humankind as such. The ideology of global genocide of the B’nai B’ritish elites is based upon the belief that the earthly resources are limited and exhaustible, and the increase of population would lead to the economic collapse and ecological catastrophe.

But, with the Russian information-wave technology, we can have the unlimited access to energy, resources and food via the process of transmutation from the Quantum Vacuum as of today.

Thus, the paradigm of the limited exhaustible resources is wrong. The geopolitics of depopulation based upon the paradigm of limited resources is a lie.

The idea that machines are smarter than humans is wrong.

Quantum computing operates with chips that are radically different than anything that can be created by and for machines. In the quantum computing, the information is recorded as a hologram upon the chip by a laser. The information is received and transmitted through the zero center of such a hologram, which is a wave crystal (wave matrix).

Each hologram contains the indestructible and uncreated component, since the infinite and eternal universe is entirely in its every part (the holographic principle of quantum physics). Humans are such bioholograms (wave matrices).

On the contrary, machines are created, and are not holographic in virtue of definition — they do not have the indestructible and uncreated component (the infinite wave). That is why the Zionist-Satanist idea of the superiority of machines over humans is a lie.

The Zionist-Satanist paradigm of the Global Artificial Intellect with brain chips (BCI) is simply suicidal for any sentient life on this planet.

The survival of humankind and any sentient life on this planet depends upon the political will of the union of our Eurasian nations (from the North Pole to the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean) to resist the suicidal drive of the Zionist-Satanist alliance and its geopolitics of global genocide.

Kozyrev Mirror Principle as Key to the Quantum Leap


By Irene Caesar

All Moscow Subway stations are built upon Kozyrev Mirror Principle. That is why you do not see such destruction and deterioration like in New York City Subway stations. This is how our ancestors were building their houses. These houses were called TEREMA. TEREM has a cupola ceiling. It is shown that in the rectangular-ceiling houses, energy is distributed only right beneath the ceiling, while in the cupola-ceiling houses energy is focused via refraction in the zero center of the wave crystal.

In 1887 Russia built the first in the world sea fortress in St. Petersburg based upon this principle. Cement was molded into round and cupola shaped buildings. Russian engeneers conducted experiments in Kranshtadt (major sea fortress near St. Petersburg) for 7 years to find out that round-shaped and cupola-ceiling buildings neutralize sound waves from large-gun shots — VIA SCALAR WAVE DIFFRACTION GRATING, when the peak of the forward-going wave is neutralized by the trough of the backward-going wave (the same wave when it is reflected upon itself).

The Microleptonic Research Group in Moscow has conducted research of the cupola-ceiling Russian Orthodox Churches, and found out that there is no bacteria or viral contamination there, what so ever, though deadly sick people are coming in crowds to the Church. At the same time, the same group has found that Russian Hospitals for childbirth are contaminated with bacteria and viruses to such degree that it is impossible to disinfect them even with harsh disinfectants. The reason is as above.

KOZYREV MIRROR PRINCIPLE is the major secret of our Russian-Aryan ancestors, and the KEY TO THE QUANTUM LEAP. Analogously, Europe was devastated by the Black Plague pandemics in Middle Ages, At the same time, Medieval Russia did not have any plague what so ever. The reason was that every time Black Plague was approaching, Russians were ringing the BELLS. BELLS are another paradigm of the KOZYREV MIRROR. Thanks God, we are RAssians! Long live, Mother RAssia!

Pictures of Moscow Subway Stations by Canadian photographer David Burdeny