THE Mini-Tesla PSI-Generator Information Leaflet

tesla-mini-generator-with-usbMini Tesla PSI-Generators are a revolutionary way of delivering the Digital Cell – the digitized biohologram of a healthy human cell, and the comprehensive Digital Pharmacy of E-drugs.

The  Mini Tesla PSI-Generator consists of two pieces:

  1. the unit body with the chip as the miniature operating system with the wave matrix recorded by laser onto the artificial crystal on the nano level, called also a concentrator/re-transmitter encased in either wood or pearl, and
  2. The magnetic storage (flash drive) with the central processor (CPU) that contains a computer program / software with the comprehensive Digital Pharmacy of the binaural self-therapy, producing variations of the 22 modules of white noise, as the digitized wave matrices of human cells, encoded in music for every system in your body and your every vital organ, based upon tests and biofeedback of the quantum biocomputing.

This advanced computational concentrator/re-transmitter takes advantage of the Wave-particle duality of Physics and the Polorazation Holography of the laser quantum technology (know-how).

The generators use the principle of transmitting and receiving the rejuvenating information by means of the holographic signal through the zero centre of the polarised biohologram that is created by the diffraction grating / wave interference grid, and the processes of reflection and refraction of the signal, similar to the geometrical optics. The holographic signal corrects and prevents anomalies so that the functional state of the individual is greatly improved. Also, the device provides defense from the psychotronic and psychic attacks, and from harmful electromagnetic radiation, caused by various technical and environmental factors.

Customer should choose either pearl or wood as casing for the body of the device. The needed healing transmission and reception qualities are determined not only by the chip technology itself, but also by the unique qualities of the coating material. The materials were chosen based upon their bioactive parameters after testing by special lasers at the Institute for National Security in Moscow.

For example, the wood coating is produced from three kinds of wood: oak, aspen and birch. Each type of wood used possesses specific energy-transmission and reception qualities including that of healing.

All other aspects of the production of the device are also based upon the unique know-how of the Information Wave Technology of Laser Bioholograpy, including finding the location where materials are produced (such as the place where the trees are grown), time-frame of harvesting (aspen is taken from the ring of the aspen tree-trunk for your year of birth), preparing the materials, employing special operators with advanced psycho-physical abilities for harvesting the materials, and other processing factors.

The curved shape of the device provides for the effective functioning of the concentrator/re-transmitter (know-how).

These improvements that persist across both the information wave level (WAVE) and the three dimensional level (PARTICLE) allow resilience and rapid recovery from extreme technogenic and environmental factors.

The fine tuning of both the information wave level as well as the cellular level decreases the detrimental  high-low swings of regulatory controls, thereby optimizing the entire functional state of the individual.

For Super and Ultra Devices only

Using secure modern computing technology, a personalized information wave feedback system is implemented such that corrections and fine-tuning can be performed on a regular basis.

This feedback system is implemented using innovative and comprehensive diagnostic information on how all the regulatory systems are functioning. This includes any remaining stress and tension points of the information wave and cellular systems of the body. The device enhances the performance and expression of these regulatory systems.