Not all Selenium Compounds are the Same. Tesla Selenium products contain organic, two-valent and non-toxic selenium of the highest quality. 

When using selenium compounds, it is important to take into account not only their organic nature, but also the valence of the metalloid in these compounds, since the valence “+6” and “+4” of selenium is toxic in organic compounds as well.

Tesla Selenium Maxi

A biologically active supplement.  Each bottle contains 60 pills.  Each pill contains: 70 mcg of organic two-valent Selenium. Three pills a day for adults and children over 14 years.

Promotional Price:

3 pack: $210 

5 pack: $300

10 Pack: $500

Tesla Selenium Pro

A biologically active supplement. Each bottle contains 60 pills. Each pill contains: 25 mcg of organic two-valent Selenium; 100 mcg of organic Germanium; 5 mg of organic Zinc. Three pills a day for adults and children over 14 years of age.

Promotional price

3 pack: $240

5 pack: $360 

10 Pack: $600

Shipped world-wide: to europe $77: The rest of the world$100

Selenium is necessary for the body to function as an electrochemical battery

Selenium is a vitally important supplement for strengthening your immune system. Selenium has been shown to have anti-hypertensive, antviral, antibacterial, and antimalarial properties

Recommended For

  • Restoration of eye sight
  • Weight reduction
  • Improving the cardiovascular system (coronary heart disease, angina, hypertension, atherosclerosis, etc.)
  • an aide to the digestive system (ulcerative colitis, chronic pancreatitis, chronic gastritis, etc.
  • Bronchopulmonary diseases (bronchitis, pulmonary tuberculosis)
  • Immune deficiency
  • Prevention of premature aging of the body, protection from radiation and chemical effects of habitat
  • Prevention of diabetes mellitus, fatigue, chronic fatigue syndrome and increase in the working capacity of the body
  • Need to reduce the toxic effect on the body of medicines, tobacco and alcohol
  • to normalize the pH balance and reduce the biological age.


To date, the safest Selenium compounds in the world have been recognized as preparations containing Selenium in the divalent form of Se + 2. In the world, only two countries today have such forms of selenium – these are Russia and Japan. Tesla Selenium is Bivalent.

Tesla Selenium Should Be Taken on a Permanent Basis

Organic two-valent Selenium and Germanium are supplements that should be taken on permanent basis, since food does not supply enough of these elements. For maximum results, we recommend to go through intense course of 10 days for three pills three times a day. This is completely safe, since two-valent Selenium is non-toxic even in big quantities. Organic two-valent Selenium is 4000 times less toxic than Sodium Selenite, sold elsewhere.

Mechanism of Action

The combination of Divalent Selenium with Zinc and Germanium in one preparation increases the potency of each one of these three important trace elements in rejuvenation and enhancement of all physiological systems and bodily organs, from metabolic reactions to adequate immune responses, in optimizing the maintenance of neuroendocrine reactions and the regulation of the endocrine balance, as well as in the formation of a stable central nervous system, cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system and reproductive organs.

Biological Efficacy

The emergence of many diseases is caused by a shortage of vital elements. But if many people know about the importance of microelements Mg, Ca, K, Na, Zn, Si, Cr, etc., the role of Germanium (Ge) – as an element of life – is still known only to a narrow circle of specialists.

Among the biological properties of organic Germanium are its ability to:
– To transfer Oxygen in the body;
– To increase immunity
– To demonstrate antitumor activity.

Germanium refers to rare trace elements and is present in many food products, but in very small quantities. The high content of this microelement in tomato juice is 5.8 μg / g and beans – 4.7 μg / g. The sources are milk – 1.5 μg / g, butter, salmon – 1.2 μg / g, celery, cabbage – 1 μg / g. Germanium is also present in plants: garlic contains 0.75 μg / g, in ginseng – 0.26-0.32 μg / g.

The most sensitive to Oxygen deficiency are the central nervous system, myocardium, kidneys and liver. In the blood, Germanium behaves similarly to hemoglobin, which carries a negative charge and participates in the transfer of Oxygen in the tissues of the body, preventing the development of Oxygen deficiency (hypoxia). It is proved that Germanium is necessary for the restoration of vision.

Selenium is an irreplaceable trace element. Its content in soils in a number of regions of Russia is extremely small, which leads to many diseases. The lack of Selenium provokes a cardiopathy in a person, disorders of the immune system, leads to disruption of cell membranes. Selenium is associated with functions of more than 100 enzymes. Selenium-containing enzymes are involved in the process of detoxification of metabolic products in the body, regulate the oxidation of fatty acids, affect the metabolism and synthesis of many hormones, control immunity and affect the reproductive function. Lack of Selenium leads to a decrease in vitality and visual impairment. It is proven that people with a pronounced deficiency of Selenium in the body suffer first of all from dysfunction and disease.

Selenium participates in biochemical adaptation (oxidation of natural substances), and also in the excretion of metabolites.

Selenium is involved in many forms of antioxidant protection. Introduction of Selenium to the body significantly improves the function of the parenchymal organs, cellular and humoral elements of the immune system and reproductive organs.

Selenium is needed by those who are engaged in intellectual work, and those who work a lot on the computer.

Zinc is an indispensable micro element. Currently, Zinc is found in 200 enzymes that determine the course of various metabolic processes, including the synthesis and decomposition of carbohydrates and fats. It was found that Zinc affects the function of the genetic apparatus, cell growth and division, participates in adequate immune responses, influences the development of behavioral reflexes, and the functioning of the brain. Zinc provides antioxidant protection of cell membranes.
Zinc regulates the processes of calcium transport.

Zinc is necessary for the normal functioning of the endocrine system and the central nervous system. Zinc has the ability to protect blood vessels from atherosclerosis and vascular ischemia.

Tesla Selenium products by Wave Genome are not intended for treatment of diseases.

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